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Nasir Hafezi

Nasir HafeziNasir Hafezi is a qualified solicitor, accredited police station representative and criminal court duty solicitor and advocate.

Nasir represents clients arrested and/or charged for serious and minor crimes at both the police station and court.

Nasir specialises in and has extensive knowledge and insight into terrorism offences and powers.

Nasir has provided advice and assistance to faith leaders arrested for terrorism and other alleged criminal breaches at the police station leading to no further action being taken. He has also represented those charged with terrorism offences successfully being part of a team that led to the eventual acquittal of a terrorist suspect. He also advises and supports individuals who are approached by the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) and who do not wish to give evidence.

Nasir lectures widely and delivers interactive workshops on Terrorism Laws and Anti-extremism policies to faith leaders, charities, community and voluntary groups so they are better informed of the legal and policy frameworks within which they operate and thus become more confident in expressing their views without fear of breaching the criminal law.

Nasir is critical of the misuse of terrorism laws on particular community groups and activists and the chilling effect of the combination of anti terror laws and anti extremism policies have on society.

Nasir also gives informative lectures and interactive workshops to local authority professionals, youth and community groups about the criminal law, police powers and citizen’s rights and responsibilities so they are aware of police powers and the limits of their powers and the rights and responsibilities of people.

Nasir promotes the idea of policing by consent that is police investigations and pursuing criminal convictions should be based on the full support and knowledge from the community they serve.

Please contact Nasir urgently if you require advice and assistance if

  • have been arrested for terrorism or other crimes
  • have been approached by the CTU

Furthermore if you would like Nasir to deliver a lecture or workshop at your centre or to your community group then please contact us.

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